Sunday, May 22, 2011


I just watched the latest episode of the Sister Wives series.  In this episode (filmed in January[?]), the family is fleeing Utah and heading to an asylum of safety in Las Vegas, Nevada.  The Lehi police and the Utah County prosecutor's office evidently put enough fear into the Brown family to induce it to bolt.

The kids are crying because they don't want to leave their schools and friends.  The family abandons its large house in a short, four-day time window and suffers extraordinary adversity even while simply trying to make the trip.  The refugees arrive in Vegas with no permanent place to live.

I'm still stuck with some lingering questions - 

Did the police or prosecutor threaten the Browns ("Leave town or face prosecution !! ")?
Did the Browns not know that leaving the state to avoid prosecution would not make the guilt or allegations go away?
Is the Utah County prosecutor laughing his head off?
Is Shurtleff sighing a big sigh of relief?

What I liked about this episode is that it highlighted the crux of the problem - a stupid law.  Here is a set of five adults, all ostensibly guilty of felony bigamy, and they are all petrified that the police will be knocking at their door and handcuffing them.  The kids are worried that daddy is going to jail.  As the caravan of cars, vans and trailers limps clumsily out of town (all the while being filmed), there is no car chase, no set of road blocks - just a big prosecutorial anti-climax (makes for nail-biting entertainment, though).

To this day, we haven't heard a definitive word from Utah law enforcement on this matter (nor will we).  Under no circumstances was law enforcement going to hand the polygamists a perfect test case - neither was it going to admit that it dreaded an arrest more than the Browns did.  The fact that it was able to bluff the Browns into fleeing was a monumental coup.  It took the pressure off of law enforcement, saving it from having to come out publicly and affirm that it categorically refuses to uphold the religious polyga-bigamy statute.  This just puts the onus on the next poor, visible polygamous family to stare down the state and refuse to scram out of Dodge.

The Browns deserve a medal for portraying the human realities of this socio-political persecution.  Perhaps the show's sincere 2.5 million viewers will lean towards supporting the decriminalization of what has already been effectually decriminalized - sexual freedom for adults.

If I were an extra-terrestrial (rather than just an Arizonan) observer, I would wonder how a pretty, great State such as Utah could wax so pious, hypocritical and tyrannical in 100 short years.  I would wonder how a Church that once risked all (even fleeing from bigotry and persecution in Missouri and Illinois) to find refuge in the Rockies, could now commit the very same travesty and eat its own young.

I am prompted to wonder if such despicable human wickedness is squarely symptomatic of the Telestial condition.  Makes me long for the Terrestrial phase on our prophetic horizon.

Go Kody!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Same Song, Second Verse

I just read some newspaper articles about Michael Emack's appeal.  Emack is serving a seven-year sentence for having a teenage plural wife.  He pleaded no contest (perhaps in order to avoid a bad trial).  His appeal appears to have made its way to the Texas district appeals court (this week) faster than the other convicts' appeals because in his case there was no trial record to review.

The appeal centers on the assertion that the April 2008 YFZ Ranch raid was improperly conducted - that the search warrant must be suppressed because it was improperly executed.  In a Salt Lake Tribune article, prosecutor Eric Nichols said the raid was - 

 . . . .  'reasonable in the approximately 1,600-acre ranch, which has no street names or house numbers. 
“You have a situation in which there are no street names, no house numbers,” he said. “It was reasonable under those circumstances for those officers to ... look for her wherever she might be found.”' 

I'm no lawyer, but I wonder how powerful that argument would be for the Supreme Court.  Nichols seems to want to impale himself on the same old sword.  I read the pleadings prepared in the suppression hearing before Barbarous Warthog, and it is evident to me that the State of Texas botched several key steps in the raid - they violated several key Constitutional principles.  Their conduct was so cavalier - they didn't really care.  There was simply no excuse for not using the readily available technology to find the location of the phone that Rosacea Swinetown was using to make her hoax calls.  I don't care whether the Sheriff was "convinced" that something weird was going on in the ranch.  Why do we even bother to have a Fourth Amendment?  Why have rules about proper searches and seizures? 

I wonder if this district court is the same one that returned the confiscated children back in 2008.  That was the court that scoffed at the whole "single household" argument.  When the state frantically scrambled to prevent the return of the children by complaining to the Texas Supreme Court, the court roundly upheld the lower court's insistence that the state had acted improperly.  

I guess I have a hard time thinking that a court which ruled so adamantly that the communal, "single-household" rationalization was spurious would suddenly contradict itself and condone such an argument in connection with the search.

I think, however, that when the situation involves polygamists, fairness sometimes goes out the window.  A successful suppression of the search would be a monumental embarrassment (all over again) for Texas.  Surely MANY public officials don't want the convictions overturned, when they would rather see all polygamists imprisoned for life (AND keep their precious JOBS !!!).

I prefer to remain optimistic that the district court will soberly agree that the whole raid was long orchestrated and was in extreme bad faith.  What is more fascinating is the possibility that Warren Jeffs could have his charges dropped as a result of the suppression.  Is that why Utah is clinging so desperately to the hope of a re-trial in the Elissa Wall phantasy rape case?  Does Utah secretly believe that the search is doomed to be overturned?

Somebody (probably Snortlick) must have riled Texas up to going after the Frankenstein polygs.  Maybe Texas got too caught up in the drunken, torches-and-pitchforks hunt for the peculiar, and lost command of its senses.

We shall see.
 - - - - - - - - - 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Austrian Polygamy

A famous Austrian actor confessed to polygamy this week, revealing that he had two wives at the same time and even had two families living under the same roof.

When questioned regarding why he kept his polygamy secret for so long, Schwarzenegger admitted his fears that freedom of speech is limited in America just as much as it is in his homeland.  
He was afraid also that divulging his lifestyle to the media would prompt Utah prosecutors to seek his extradition to Utah for an embarrassing bigamy trial (since the days of Governor Brigham Young, Utah has forbidden its governors to have more than one wife).
Embittered with jealousy and rage over her husband's secrecy and unfairness, the first wife is seeking support from a Utah rescue clan named Holding Out Hostages.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Who Will Win?

Banking family enters country
Wise citizens complain (Bible forbids usury)
Constitution says that nothing but gold and silver may be used for money
Bankers use great persuasion
Citizens relent
Bankers win, and bank opens for business
Citizens have pressing needs
Citizens borrow from bank
Bank demands collateral
Citizens agree
Citizens get loans
Banks demands interest (daily compounding interest)
Smart banker creates front-end loaded amortization scheme
Some citizens face hardships
Some can't keep up payment obligations
Bank seizes collateral
Citizens become poorer
Country decides to borrow from bank
Bank demands collateral
Bank tricks country into incorporating
Country agrees to sign over country as collateral
Private bank lends money to country (at interest)
Citizens themselves become collateral
Country goes to war
Bank lends more money to pay for war
Different bank lends money to enemy
War drags on
Both banks collude and win
Both countries lose
Banks lend a lot more
Interest builds up
Country gets behind on debt payments
Bank gets bright idea - - -
 - - - persuade country to let IT print the paper money
Country gives printing presses to private bank

Bank changes the name of money from "Dollar" to "Federal Reserve Note"
Country needs more money for defense and entitlements
Bank agrees to print more money
Country agrees to give bank Treasury Bills as collateral
Bank gives country worthless paper debt notes
Bank charges country (prime rate) [daily compounding] interest
Debt mounts
Banks finance more wars (WW-I, WW-II, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc., etc.)

Country struggles financially
Country taxes people to pay interest on the interest
Bank prints more money to pay itself back
Government donates trillions to "poor, struggling" banks
Banks stop lending
Banks plunder Treasury (taking Trillion$$)
Banker family wants gold
Bank swaps Treasury Bills for gold
Country becomes poorer
Politicians vote to borrow more money to buy votes from poor people
Banks lend money to most countries
Most countries borrow too much for entitlements
Almost all countries become poorer
Banks use generous earnings to buy more gold (and armies and navies)
Some countries default on loans - - - (Greece, Ireland, Portugal, etc.)
Banks foreclose on defaulting countries
Banks force wealthier countries to bail out defaulting countries
Wealthier countries become poorer
Smart banker figures out how to entirely skip the step of printing paper money
Banks keep all gold and circulate useless paper notes or electronic debits to citizens
Country owes $14.3 trillion in useless paper or electronic entries to banks
Banks still not satisfied
Bank agent Bernanke issues more electronic currency to dilute the money supply (QE1 & QE2)
Other large nations start dumping dollars
Bank servant Geithner threatens default if country refuses to borrow more
Country maxes out federal credit card (reaches debt ceiling)
Banker family laughs while counting gold and entrenching power
Politicians argue over how much more money to borrow from bank
Money loses more value, prices rise commensurately, and inflation looms
President promises "green" jobs and four more years of socialism
Stock market (DJIA) goes up only because the dollar goes down 
Oblivious citizens squabble endlessly over which party to vote for
Bank doesn't care - it wins either way - after all, bank owns entire world
Millions starve
Bored students riot in the streets
Other nations conspire to stop using the dollar as the reserve currency
Bank plots to crash the currency and introduce a new global one
Devil licks his lips - prepares to repossess the whole world
 .  . . (he has made us all into thieves and wants us all to become murderers)
Jesus waits patiently . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Who will win?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Greater Crime

News channels were reporting yesterday that the U.S. is urging Pakistan to let its investigators interview Bin Laden's wives.  It's a real bummer that they killed him so swiftly before they could have a chance to bring him to trial for the greater crime - POLYGAMY !!!!!!

The only question which remains is - will the U.S. charge the wives for polygamy, since they were complicit in the crime?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Obama Bin Laden

Am I only one who thinks this whole Bin Laden kill thing is weird?  I don't have much to say about it, but why did they have to dump the alleged Bin Laden body into the ocean just a couple of hours after Obama announced the operation on TV?

It seems that a large percentage of Americans would at least want the closure or satisfaction of visually confirming Bin Laden's demise.  Maybe photos can be doctored, though - so no corpse, and no photos - just a lot of political parading and grandstanding.

I guess the thing about the Bin Laden kill that is giving me the creeps is that I believe that 9/11 was an inside job.  WTC 7 wasn't hit by a plane or a bomb, yet it still collapsed cleanly into its own footprint.  But wait - how could they have so neatly demolished Building 7 that same day (9/11/2001) without already having placed the explosives?  And how did they know in advance that explosives needed to be placed?  Even more compelling to me is the information emerging from the Pentagon "event."  CNN's reporter, Jamie McIntyre, plainly asserts (in this video) that at the explosion site there is no evidence of a big plane.  There were no engines, no wings, no plane-seats, no passenger bodies - NO NOTHING - but a ten foot wide hole in the wall of the Pentagon - not nearly large enough to have been caused by a plane with wings and engines.  What kind of story was told to the families of the passengers of the plane that really didn't crash into the Pentagon? ---- "Sorry, your husband's body was pulverized by the impact of the collision, so we have nothing left but dust." ???  "At least now you can dance, chant and celebrate because we just assassinated the boogey-man."

Are we like the people in the "Emperor's New Clothes" story who swallow the official story that the Emperor has fine clothes when he is in fact naked.  Do we trust the government that may have blithely murdered 3,000+ Americans on 9/11?  Do we place so much blind faith in the corruptible "arm of flesh", that we accept the lies that the economy is stable and recovering, and that "All is well in Zion"?


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Print, Baby, Print!

I read an article (video) yesterday that explained to me better than anyone has how deeply at risk is the American dollar. Until the 1940's, the British pound (Sterling) was the world's reserve currency.  After the Marshall Plan rolled out, the US Dollar became the world's reserve currency.

What does it mean to have our currency be the world's reserve currency?  It means that other countries have to buy foreign goods with dollars.  If Belgium wants to buy oil, it has to pay for it with dollars.  It buys dollars first, and then it uses the dollars to buy the oil.  So, what is the relevance of this?

Well, the U.S. can print dollars to its heart's content.  The other countries cannot.  Twice in the last few months, Ben Bernanke fired up the presses and (virtual-)printed hundreds of billions of dollars (QE1 and QE2).  When the U.S. has trouble paying the interest on its debts, Bernanke magics up new dollars to cover it (abracadabra).  Other countries are powerless because they cannot do that.  Problem is - other countries will only sit by and watch us playing this game for just so long before they figure out that the massive inflation of our money supply causes the value of the dollar to shrink.  Several large nations met recently (without us) to explore using a different currency for international transactions.  China recently significantly reduced its holdings of US dollars.

Other countries have tried to "over"-print their currency to avoid financial ruin in the past.  In 1975, Britain devalued the pound by 14% overnight.  Rather than solving problems, this brought the British economy to a standstill, and triggered a string of national wage strikes.  Yugoslavia printed itself out of existence in 1993.

If the day comes soon that the US dollar ceases to be the world's reserve currency, all of the goods we buy from overseas - oil, automobiles, food, precious metals, electronics, etc., will be calling for fair value in payment.  If our dollar has lost significant value because of over-printing, then more dollars will be demanded in payment for those same goods.  Everything will suddenly double or triple in price.  Every American will be impoverished overnight (except for those few who own precious metals).

Ask yourself - is this happening through sheer oblivion and stupid incompetence?  Is America's imminent financial ruin the result of clumsy bumbling?  --- OR --- Was it choreographed?

The globalist elite have plundered the world's silver and gold (giving us worthless paper notes in exchange).  They can print paper (or digital ledger entry) dollars, at will, to control the liquid money supply (to create booms and busts).  They have a deliberate, finely-crafted plan to change the political structure of the whole world.  They envision a (much) smaller population, one which will serve them like slaves.  The financial crash and attendant wars are a scripted part of a planned global transition.  The (Gadianton) 'One-Worlders' have flexed so much unfettered muscle for so many centuries, that they are truly confident that their plan will succeed.  After all, they already own every part of this earth.  What they forget is that the Creator of this world (Michael) is its real owner, and He has a different plan for the coming transition.  I sometimes wonder just how ripe in iniquity this world has to get before our Father will kick in His (TERRIBLE) "marvelous work and a wonder".  Evidently, He will let many or all of the prophecies of Jesus, John the Revelator, Ezekiel, Daniel, Isaiah, Joseph Smith and others come to fulfillment.  Why?

Apparently, it is in the crucible of crisis and adversity that God's people can be humbled and tested.  Also, when faced with awful trials or choices, their character can be measured, and the judgment/reward process can be effectuated.  So, Bernanke, print away!  Just remember that Greenbacks are non-nutritive.


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