Tuesday, March 10, 2015

One Tooth

Dr. Stephen C. Meyer
I have been reading more on the topic of Intelligent Design (especially the work of Stephen Meyer).  I marvel at the venom directed at its proponents.  Darwinian evolutionists harbor so much disdain for those scientists who don't think life could have sprung into existence by way of undirected natural processes.

Darwinists allege that the idea of Intelligent Design (I.D.) is not worthy even of being called a theory - much less science.  The accusation that the belief in a designer is mere religious faith is rather hypocritical, since many of Darwin's postulations were based on his own best inferences based on historical data available in his day - a day when no one knew what a cell was.  Evolutionists' beliefs are all based on faith - faith that God does not exist.

Since evolutionists cannot demonstrate any of the biochemical events and adaptations they claim brought about life and living creatures, they rely on speculation - "The first cell could have emerged from the pre-biotic primordial soup." "The process of natural selection may have allowed monkeys to evolve into humans."

Truth is - no one alive today can state precisely how our universe started or how the first living cell found its way onto our planet.  Darwinian scientists and philosophers insist that if it cannot be demonstrated or tested today, it cannot be considered science.  That reasoning undermines much of what Darwin proposed.  For this controversy there simply will not be a level playing field.

Today I thought about teeth - individual teeth.  I still have most of mine (though some are synthetic).  It struck me as interesting that our teeth are many and separate.  Why do I not have merely two bony, enamel-clad ridges (one top, one bottom) with which to chew?  Then I realized that were that the case, I might risk losing an entire chewing ridge through injury or infection.  How wise our Creator was to let us have individual teeth so that if one goes bad, it doesn't jeopardize the rest of the mouth.

My point is - have you ever looked at your teeth?  Why do they have such remarkable anatomies?  What makes them grow into just the right shape for optimum maceration?  Think about that in light of the natural selection model.  How many generations of our human forbears had to endure having the wrong shaped teeth before the beneficent natural selection process sifted us to the current perfect arrangement?  I don't think humans have been on this planet long enough for all of that adaptation to have occurred.

I just read the book "Signature in the Cell" by Stephen C. Meyer - see


Check it out and marvel for yourself at how impossible it would have been for life to have emerged without a Designer.

Friday, January 16, 2015

The Final Showdown

In one of my recent posts I erred.  I wrote that I did not think it was likely that a Circuit Court would uphold state same-sex marriage bans.  Surprise, surprise - in a two-to-one split decision, the Sixth Circuit overturned lower-court rulings (granting gay marriage) in cases from Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio, and Tennessee.  Read this article.  This is delicious.  Now, with contrasting rulings from different Circuits, the matter must inevitably escalate to the Supreme Court.

Despite the laments of those who insist that the decision whether to allow same-sex marriages must remain with the People of the respective states, it is clear that there is a powerful Popular trend in the U.S. to let gay people marry, and the courts are rapidly getting in step behind it.

I am reminded of the bizarre Reynolds decision.  In 1879, most Americans were enthusiastic over having a federal court barge in and dictate to the little ol' territory of Utah regarding its marriage practices.  We have short memories.

Let us not forget the breathtaking ambiguity in Canada, where gay marriages have been legally solemnized since 2005, and it is a crime to be a polygamist - even an informal one.

I express my thanks again to Judge Clark Waddoups (and Justice Christine Durham) who saw through the exquisite hypocrisies of Utah's anti-bigamy statute and obliterated it even before the Supreme Court has a chance to bless universal gay marriage.


Thursday, January 15, 2015

Can't Have It Both Ways

I was saddened by the recent attacks by Islamic extremists on innocent victims in Paris.  The immense groundswell of public indignation has been impressive.  The reaction from most who are shocked by the terrorists' brutality has been an adamant defense of free speech and the right of those satirical journalists to publish cartoons and articles, even those which could be deemed insulting to religious figures such as the prophet Mohammed.

I went to London once, and, not far from the Houses of Parliament in the island in the middle of a noisy roundabout, there were several protesters waving banners.  I learned that this was England's free speech zone - a place where people can declaim on any subject without fear of prosecution.  I found it a little odd. It made me wonder if there are certain things that you aren't allowed to say if you are in England.

Then I remembered a video I watched in 1986.  It was one of the most shocking things I had ever seen.  A middle-aged German man, a Canadian citizen, was being attacked by thugs with baseball bats as he entered a Toronto courthouse.  This situation was repeated time after time as the man went through a trial because of some pamphlets he had published.  He had challenged conventional history regarding some of the events of World War II.  Canada doesn't have free speech like we do in the U.S.  The man, Ernst Zundel, was questioning whether the "official" tally of Jewish people murdered by the Nazis - six million - was an accurate figure.  Clearly, Zundel repudiated some statistics associated with the Holocaust - an infraction that will get you prison time not only in Canada, but also in Germany and Austria.  If you are in one of those countries, don't attempt such a thing!  Keep your mouth shut.

Now, if you are in France, and you want to write or draw insulting things about Mohammed, you may risk terrorist reprisals, but you will have the endorsement of millions and the praise of dozens of world leaders.

Since the horrific events of last week, a few Islamic sympathizers have expressed support for the two gunmen who killed the journalists at Charlie Hebdo.  Those sympathizers have been charged and now face years in prison.

Here is my conclusion from all of this:-  In France, there is freedom of speech, and that freedom is carefully controlled and restricted.  If you say what the prevailing political sentiment agrees with, you are a hero, and if you say something contrasting, you will go to prison. 

You just can't have it both ways, France.  Likewise, until recently in America, if you said you had two wives, you had to go to prison.  I despise brutality and terrorism from any source.  I also despise the ideological terrorism that limits and muzzles freedom of expression anywhere in the world.

Monday, October 6, 2014

This Is It

This is it.  This is the moment (one of them, anyway) that I have been waiting for.  Today the Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal from Utah (and several other states) asking it to restore bans on same sex marriage.  Read this article.  Though it came as a surprise to some, the gesture upholds the earlier decisions from several Circuit Courts, and tells the appealing states that the argument is dead.  Technically, if a different Circuit Court later rules in favor of a gay marriage ban, then the matter may have to be adjudicated by the Supremes, but that is not a likely event.

You see - Sean Reyes, Utah's Attorney General, is stuck now.  He can do nothing.  His hands (and the Church's hands) are completely tied. Those gays who have already married can move on with their lives, and, presumably, those gays who now want to marry can move ahead with their legal nuptials.

Just last week, Sean Reyes notified the 10th Circuit Court of his intention to appeal the Brown decision (of 12/13/2013) which decriminalized Utah's polygamists. Reyes wants the Court to preserve a law that makes it a crime for polygamists to exist.  In light of today's Supreme Court action, I think he is wasting his time.

I mean, since Lawrence v. Texas (June 26, 2003), gay people have been permitted to exist and breathe air outside of prisons.  They eat, sleep, drink, walk, work, drive, gather, and share intimacy all without being incarcerated.  Now, not only are they permitted to exist, but they can get married like heterosexuals have done for decades.  If gay people, (whom many Mormons despise) can now marry, why cannot polygamists now exist without the threat of being sent to prison for their criminal religious thoughts?

I have said this before, but I always salivate at the prospect of reading the pleadings conjured up by those who want to imprison polygamists while absolving adulterers and fornicators.  I say that because the arguments they contrive are so laughable and stupid:

1. Polygamists threaten the sanctity of holy matrimony in Utah.
2. Polygamists hijack the official legal marriage system.
3. Polygamists are adulterous and sinful.
4. Polygamists burden the welfare system.
5. Polygamists have retarded and substandard children.
6. Polygamists monopolize the pool of available single women.

Seriously, though, there is not one single argument in favor of criminalizing plural relationships that makes any sense when a state is not willing to incarcerate all of its fornicators. You can't not eat your cake and not eat it too. 

I can't close this post without also commenting on Canada.  British Columbia has decided now to move ahead with the prosecutions of Winston Blackmore and Jimmy Oler for polygamy.  Justice Bauman's decision to uphold Canada's anti-polygamy law seems equally laughable in a country that legalized gay marriages in 2005 and recently permitted prostitution nationwide.  Blackmore and Oler should assert that they pay their women, and that the wives are serving as prostitutes.  I only wish Lewis Carroll had been able to include this stuff in his Alice In Wonderland story - it would have made a lot of sense.

Friday, October 3, 2014


Yes, I'm channeling John Grisham.  You know I hate what liberals stand for.  I'm reminded of recent news reports of people being cited for growing vegetables in their yards.  Liberals can screw up a good thing.

I read an article last week that reported that Seattle residents will now be fined if the contents of their garbage are more than ten percent food.

I have a some questions:

1.  Don't inspectors have to have probable cause that a crime is being committed before they have a right to examine your garbage?  Has Seattle heard of the Fourth Amendment and the Supreme Court's new privacy doctrines?

2.  Will Seattle now fine the Federal Government for disposing of surplus produce, and for paying farmers not to grow food?

3.  Will garbage inspectors evaluate the percentage of food content in domestic waste by volume or weight, and what special scales will garbage collectors need to bring to each garbage pickup to correctly detect violations that surpass the 10% threshold?

4.  What special education and certifications will garbage collectors need to possess in order to meet these exacting standards for food waste analysis and testing?  Is baby poop classified as food, and will it need to be removed from the disposable diaper before being weighed?

5.  Does Seattle have enough money to defend all of the lawsuits that this will provoke?

I'm sorry, but I think I just figured out that there are some really stupid liberal politicians.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Stuff of Movies

This is the stuff of a good John Grisham novel.  A few months ago, Sim Gill, the Salt Lake County district attorney decided to file formal charges against former Utah Attorney General, Mark Shurtleff, and disgraced (former) Attorney General, John Swallow.  The charges, both felony and misdemeanor, were for various crimes:- accepting bribes, interfering with criminal investigations, and various other acts of corruption.  For a list of the charges go to this article.

I met Bishop Swallow once.  He seemed like a nice guy.  He said he came from polygamous stock and would never intentionally harm polygamists.  I guess it doesn't matter any more.  He's likely to go to prison.

Shurtleff is another proposition.  He has always seemed to me to be a bit imperious and self-serving.  You always want to assume the best of your political representatives (unless they are Harry Reid [a relative of mine] or Nancy Pelosi).  I guess when you are an ambitious Mormon attorney and politician, it is easy to get tempted into corruption.  Shurtleff has had his share of adversity - months in an Ilizarov frame, colon cancer, heart attacks, a troubled daughter, and more.  I wouldn't wish that on anyone, but I am wondering what the mystical meaning is in this grand story.

Shurtleff was the one who, in 2005, executed the takeover of the (FLDS's) UEP trust, handing over day-to-day control of the trust to his corrupt crony, Bruce Wisan.  Wisan has recently quit his law firm job and his role as UEP Trust fiduciary in the wake of his public shaming for getting caught with a prostitute and lying about it. 

This is the stuff of movies.  I would cast Russell Crowe and Alec Baldwin.

I think the irony of it is the hypocrisy - the fact that Shurtleff championed his holy war on the Fundamentalist Mormons (for their alleged criminality), shopping Utah's stupid anti-bigamy statute to Texas, feigning good will towards us, all the while thinking only of his own personal advancement and political career.  Now, as I predicted, Shurtleff's is the fate of Governor Pyle, only worse.  He is likely to go to prison, hopefully among the felons he put away.

One of Shurtleff's errands for the blue suits at 50 E. North Temple was to keep the polygamists under control.  Thankfully the Church has no use for him any more.

Shurtleff's and Swallow's successor, AG Sean Reyes, has a few more days left to announce whether he intends to appeal Judge Waddoups' recent final ruling in favor of the Kody Brown family and the voiding of Utah's bigamy statute's unenforceable anti-cohabitation clause.  Let's hope that Reyes has some political corruption skeletons in his closet so that he too can be shamed for making war on the saints.

The drama continues.

Friday, August 1, 2014


So, last year Brute Wisass got caught by Taylorsville police in a motel with a prostitute.  He at first said they did not have sex.  She said they did.  He said he was just giving her financial help until she "got on her feet" - (read: "till she got up from the bed"). He admitted that he had been showering with her.

This is a former Mormon Stake President - a paragon of religious virtue and integrity.  The one hand-picked by Shurtleff to bring salvation to the FLDS.

VOMIT !!!       Here is a chunk of the police report:

See also this article from the Salt Lake Tribune:

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Longest Time

I swear, since I read Darwin's Black Box, by Michael Behe, I am perpetually reminded of the enduring
argument between the evolutionists and the proponents of Intelligent Design.  I am no expert.  I don't understand complex biochemistry.  I am not even familiar with all of the Darwinists' arguments.

I guess I have at least a cursory understanding of their ideas -

1.  Evolution is the result of infinitesimally small, gradual changes which occurred over an extremely long period of time (billions of years).
2.  Creatures and features that exhibited better qualities tended to survive, while organisms with less desirable or less enduring traits faced extinction (natural selection).

Please understand - I believe that BOTH of these premises are not confirmed by science.  True, if you put a tiger in Antarctica, he will freeze, but that doesn't confirm natural selection.

Here is an example of some thoughts I have had.  One of my wives is VERY sensitive about eyebrows.  She notices the eyebrows on everyone she meets - color, thickness, shape, etc.  She notices it all.  So, in the vast, epic process of evolution over billions of years, how did we end up with eyebrows?  Were they some vestigial artifact of our monkey ancestors who needed eye protection while they scampered through the jungle?  OR - did our ancestors who lacked eyebrows slowly die out in favor of the few aberrant hominids who were lucky enough to have them?  I can grasp this idea, but then there are so many other bodily features that seem to serve no real purpose (like pubic hair) - that would never really have come about by this "natural selection" process.  I have hair on my upper lip and on my lower cheeks and chin, but it doesn't grow around my eyes.  Thank God!  Imagine shaving one's temples!  What if you had eyelash hairs that grew all rogue and curly like my chest hair?  How many dead prototype homo sapiens had to go extinct to sort out all these very nuanced hair configurations?  I think the evolutionists get all giddy when some fur-clad corpse surfaces in northern Siberia and some scientist tries to say that the poor blighter lived ten million years ago.  Even when that does happen, they never find eyebrow hairs growing out of the guy's lips. 

I just don't buy it.  The other ridiculous flaw in the evolution argument is the assertion that DNA changes can be triggered by environmental pressures.  Some inquisitive walrus sees a bird soaring aloft and decides it would be fun to take flight, so she looks at her flippers and wills them to turn into wings - NAHH !!  OR she wills the eggs that are already in her ovaries to undergo DNA changes that eventually will result in her offspring being able to get airborne.  It's all stupid.  How can intelligent people spout that kind of lunacy?  I'll tell you how - they don't like God, or they wish He didn't exist.  They hope that He doesn't see their imperfections and that there will be no judgment for their conduct in a hereafter.

I didn't even begin to tackle the complicated stuff like cell division, color vision, blood-clotting and how anyone survived before the birth canal figured out how to stretch to 100 times its usual size to permit live births.

If evolution needed a very long time to accomplish all those things, I think this planet hasn't even been habitable for that long.

Sorry, Ukraine

Russia's recent occupation of the Crimea (in southern Ukraine) is all over the news right now.  Vladimir Putin has sent Russian troops to blockade and occupy every corner of the Crimea, ostensibly because the new regime in Kiev cannot yet be recognized as the legitimate government of the Ukraine.

Russia has broken treaties by invading in this way.  It obviously wants the natural resources of the Crimea.  Many Crimeans are Russian speakers.  Russia has significant interests in the Crimea and in eastern Ukraine.  Putin is smelling unchallenged victory.

American politicians are hand-wringing.  The last time this happened (in Georgia and Ossetia), Putin permanently annexed two provinces.  The world's leaders are not excited about imposing sanctions on Russia, and a military response is unthinkable.

Obama's impotence is legendary, and traditional U.S. allies like Germany seem to have no desire to participate in any measures aimed at punishing Putin.  Why?

Well, over the last decade, Russia has built dozens of natural gas pipelines between its vast reserves in Russia and eager customers in Germany, Belgium and other European nations, supplying up to 50% of the fuel used by several countries.  You have to believe that German politicians received bribes to not impede the construction of these pipelines, so . . . . .

Sorry, Ukraine, your European neighbors won't be making any efforts any time soon to protect your national sovereignty.

The U.S. State Department is threatening sanctions and restrictions on Russia, so Putin is threatening to impose sanctions on U.S. interests in retaliation.  Putin even said Russia might stop using the dollar as its reserve currency in international trade.  Look out !!!  Money talks louder than bullets.  Sorry, Ukraine.


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